With one exception, all the officers involved in the prior

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But it’s how they lost that is a big reason why they’ll be motivated in this one. The Chiefs’ 33 10 win was capped with a jump throw TD pass by defensive lineman Dontari Poe, a rub it in your face kind of play that the Broncos couldn’t have been happy with. Also, the Raiders ran all over the Broncos in a 30 20 win back in Week 9 in prime time, just another reason Denver should be motivated to win this game.

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cheap nfl jerseys The others were a Latino man, an Asian man and three black men. With one exception, all the officers involved in the prior shootings were white; the other was black.”It’s a repeated thing where the cops keep on shooting black people. Nobody can tell you a white person who got shot by police,” said Nicole Blackwell, 24, who was among demonstrators Thursday night in downtown Charlotte, where police faced off in riot gear against demonstrators. cheap nfl jerseys

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