This is the resolution supported by most 19″ and 20″

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The last major component to discuss is the display, and here the tilt was toward price. $99 is a really low price for an LCD monitor, and the Hanns G is a 17″ widescreen that supports a native resolution of 1440×900. This is the resolution supported by most 19″ and 20″ widescreen monitors.

Now let’s look at what the poll doesn’t say. Firstly, it doesn’t say voters definitely would vote for Labor if Rudd were leader. Saying they would be ‘more likely’ to is vague to say the least. Okay, so he pardoned Nixon. But let’s see how he stacks up against our current chief executive. Ford was never elected to the highest office in the land, but after ballot box shenanigans in Florida and Ohio, we can’t be sure about Bush either, so that’s a wash.

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