The 28th event will offer new shopping times from 1

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Put it in a compression stuff sack to save space. I usually carry a bivy too in case it rains, and to keep bugs away at night. Mine’s olive green so it’s easy to sleep lots of places without people finding me. The dates have been announced for the 2016 Durham Shopping Extravaganza, an annual event that has so far raised more than 400,000 for worthy causes. The DSE, which is held at Ramside Hall Hotel, near Durham, is run entirely by volunteers who Cheap Jerseys free shipping, this year, are offering something different with the introduction of a new evening shopping experience. The 28th event will offer new shopping times from 1.30pm 8.30pm on Wednesday, October 5, returning to traditional opening hours of 10am 4pm on Thursday, October 6..

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