That when the federal government or the state government tries

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While Lansing is no stranger to ill advised answers to non existent problems, this one includes a dose of wild ideological inconsistency: Ask Lansing Republicans what local control is worth and 99 times out of 100, they’ll rush to assure you that it’s the crucial component of American democracy. That when the federal government or the state government tries to ensure that, say, schools all aim for the same educational targets Replica Hermes Handbags, or that our air and water are safe to breathe and drink Replica Hermes Birkin, respectively, it’s an abomination that’sone step away from dictatorship. Jim Stamas, R Midland, Mike Shirkey, R Clarkdale, Ken Horn, R Frankenmuth, Jack Brandenburg Replica Hermes, R Harrison Township, Wayne Schmidt, R Traverse City, Calley and a bunch of other Republicans can rest easy: They’ve stopped those commies down in Ann Arbor from destroying America, one plastic bag at a time..

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