Sewell Producing Company, Colley met an elderly mountain woman

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While on the road working as a director for the Atlanta based Wayne P. Sewell Producing Company, Colley met an elderly mountain woman in Northern Alabama whose country fied mannerisms and way of speaking inspired the character of “Cousin Minnie Pearl.” Colley’s first appearance as Minnie was in 1939 at a women’s club function in South Carolina, and she was discovered in the fall of 1940 by WSM Nashville executives while performing at a convention in Centerville. She soon made her debut on the Opry, and within the week over three hundred cards, telegrams and letters addressed to “Minnie Pearl” came pouring in from adoring listeners, who over time would come to love her for her self deprecating, spinster hillbilly humor, her stories about ne’er do well kinfolk, and catch phrases like “How w w DEE E E E! I’m jes’ so proud to be here!” and “I love you so much it hurts!”.

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