Roethlisberger’s Steelers team take on the Minnesota Vikings on

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wholesale nfl jerseys NFL star Ben Roethlisberger of the Pittsburgh Steelers was in London last week ahead of his September game at Wembley Stadium to talk all things football both the domestic and stateside versions.Whilst the man nicknamed Big Ben posed by the real Big Ben, here at MirrorSport we thought we’d help him find an English football team to support and you can find out who in our video above, along with his prediction for the new Premier League season.Roethlisberger’s Steelers team take on the Minnesota Vikings on September 29 and the San Francisco 49ers play the Jacksonville Jaguars on October 27, as rumours grow that the NFL is exploring the possibility of a full time London team in the near future and the two time Super Bowl winner is excited about playing at the iconic Wembley Stadium.”I’ve only seen it from football and soccer games on TV, seen how crazy it is, the energy and fans. It reminds me of a football game back home,” said the 6ft 5in quarterback.”You look at the stands and it just seems there’s so many jerseys for all different teams, not just the two that are playing, so it just seems like there’s a high energy level in the stadium.”My old team mate Bryon Leftwich talked about how great the people were, how great it was being around town and how he enjoyed the game.(Photo: Dave Shopland)”He said it was one loudest games he’s ever played with fans constantly cheering, sounding their horns, banging everything all the noise they can make. He enjoyed the experience, it’s just the travel that was the hardest part.”The two time Pro Bowler also spoke about why he thinks the game is growing popularity on these shores.”I think people get intrigued by how physical it is it’s full contact, it’s the most physical sport there is but there’s still an element of finesse to it wholesale nfl jerseys.

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