Rodgers: “It an interesting situation

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Hill, Beth A. Kalicki, Jason M. Kennedy, Kansas R. Vicknair, Heather N. Vincent, Autumn S. Vining, Terri L. The Sixers achieved both goals a year ago in a trade deadline tour de force that was a thing of beauty, except for what it left behind. They took on five players at the deadline Earl Clark, Eric Maynor, Danny Granger, Byron Mullens, and Henry Sims; acquired a total of six future second round draft picks in the wrangling; and found landing places for Lavoy Allen, Spencer Hawes, and Evan Turner. Clark, Maynor, and Granger were all waived and gone within a month, Mullens played 18 games, and Sims is still around as the only tangible sign of the tornado that blew through the roster.

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