PENGUIN RESERVES: McPherson, Hardy (2), Dicker, Carrolyn,

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Bus leaves clubrooms 10.30am, pick up Burnie Yacht Club 10.45am.SMITHTON v Penguin at Smithton RESERVES: Perry, House, Stokes, Booth, Ollington, McLaren, Johnston, Poke (2), Morrison, Furphy, Lee, Symons, Ling, Korpershoek (2), Willie, Elliott, Grey, Thomas, Randall, Littlejohn, Popowski, Viney, Barker, Dillon. UNDER 19s: Baldock, Bransden (3), Brown, Cole, Cure, Dennison, Grey, House, Kay, Mitchell, Mulder, Smith (2), Townsend, King, Gale, Hickey, Elliott, Blake, Monson.PENGUIN RESERVES: McPherson, Hardy (2), Dicker, Carrolyn, Eastley, Jepsen, Howe, Cann, Jeffrey, Clayden, Viney, Mills, Donovan, Enslow, Tenaki, Brandsen, Cosgrove, Lovell, Popowski, Dau. UNDER 19s: Atkins, Kelly, Harris (2), Seymour, Kinch, Talbot, Cosgrove, Murfet (2), Conroy, Kaine, Von Bibra, Howard, Hennessy, Standley, Fielding, king cheap oakleys, Downie, Cure, Rhodes, Purton, Constable.

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