“Narcotics Bureau attorney Pelicia E

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fake ray bans Jerry enjoyed life at the home he and Sonja built in Dutch Creek, Bangor. They moved to La Crosse in 2003. Saturday, Aug. Barton of Clarksdale, argues law enforcement officers entered the apartment with an invalid search warrant and everything they seized must be returned.”The Mississippi Bureau of Narcotics used a search warrant that did not contain the Constitution’s required description or designation of the place to be searched to enter the property,” Barton said in court briefs.Barton said the Narcotics Bureau “intentionally left the locations, address, and description of the place to be searched blank so that they could use the search warrant to gain access to multiple locations and then fill in the blank for whatever address and location that they decided to seize defendants’ or unknown persons assets.”Narcotics Bureau attorney Pelicia E. Hall agreed the search warrant was faulty but was not illegal.Hall said the supporting documents given to the judge who issued the warrant “contained a clear and concise description of the place to be searched.”Hall said while the warrant was defective in its lack of description of the place to be searched, the good faith exception should apply, and the failure to include the description should be considered simple negligence and not a violation of the Fourth Amendment, which prohibits illegal searches and seizures.”The record clearly indicates that no violation of the State’s Uniform Controlled Substances Laws was found after the illegal seizure of the currency and rifle. In fact, no narcotics or illegal drugs were found in the residence that was searched fake ray bans.

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