My own library has a pretty good selection of OGN’s and TPB’s

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He said: “Each individual police force is trying to find out what the formula means for them. The guidance is not clear and we are all coming up with a different answer.”We won’t be losing 43m but I can’t tell you whether it will be 1m, 2m, 3m or whether we will win in this.”What it won’t mean is more money.”He added that PCC Anthony Stansfeld would be writing to David Cameron and meeting Home Secretary Theresa May seeking clarification about the impact of the new formula.Deputy Thames Valley Chief Constable John Campbell said: “We are engaged in consultation with the Home Office regarding the funding formula. Clearly a reduction in funding of this level would cause us significant concern and impact on our ability to maintain our current levels of service.”Thames Valley Police Federation chairman Graham Smith urged caution about the Devon and Cornwall figures, but said if true they would be “catastrophic”..

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