Lapsang souchong takes the black tea process one step further:

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In that same Bills game, the Patriots lined up with a five wide spread and an empty backfield. The Bills showed what appeared to be a blitz look up the middle, with two linebackers shaded toward the line of scrimmage. Brady understood a blitz would mean single coverage, but he also understood that if those linebackers rolled into coverage, they’d have to contain something short or in the flat.

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hermes replica birkin Stateside Replica Hermes Birkin Bags Replica Hermes Birkin Bags, the most common variety is black tea, in which the leaves have been allowed to fully oxidize before drying. English and Irish Breakfast and Darjeeling are both black teas, as is Earl Grey, infused with bergamot oil for a distinct, slightly bitter taste. Lapsang souchong takes the black tea process one step further: After drying, the leaves are smoked over a pine fire, giving it a taste reminiscent of whisky and cigars. hermes replica birkin

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