“Jacobs is also seen as a solid choice in an industry where the

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Some days are difficult. If I’m struggling, I’ll have a Cup a Soup or a big glass of sugar free squash with lots of ice. The good news is, I can fit into my favourite jeans again and I’ve just bought myself a gorgeous maxi dress for my holiday. He’s boundlessly creative. He knows how to assemble and manage an excellent team. And he is resolutely modern.”From a commercial perspective, Jacobs’ departure from Vuitton likely would have little impact because “fashion is such a small slice of Louis Vuitton’s sales,” Thomas said, adding, “Really, what folks want is that classic monogram bag.”Jacobs is also seen as a solid choice in an industry where the mental and emotional stability of designers has emerged as a concern after the 2010 suicide of British star Alexander McQueen and the Galliano case.Galliano, in a Paris court appearance in June, blamed industry pressures and alcohol and prescription drug addictions for his outbursts, including one in which he is seen on video praising Adolf Hitler.Jacobs has done a stint in rehab, too, but is widely regarded as having overcome his substance problems..

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