In a statement to CNN, Fiorina campaign shrugged off the

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“I’m not mad at any of the Knicks that showed up today,” Lee said. “I stood up for everybody, gave them love. Applauded. “My life was already happy just for being in the league over 10 years,” Oakley said yesterday. “It (the trade) worked out for both teams. Marcus is playing well.

fake oakleys This case took place long before the days of CSI(Crime Scene Investigation) as seen on television and in related movies. Fifty million Americans and others around the world now religiously watch the original CSI and its Miami and New York City clones, with viewers living vicariously through the adventures of the young, attractive and well dressed men and women of CSI who drive only new $50,000 to $100,000 SUVs, while sporting $500 sunglasses and using only the most up to date scientific instruments in the most modern of all crime labs. Well folks, that’s television and the movies, but that’s not real life and it’s causing problems for prosecutors across the country as they present criminal cases to jury members who have been contaminated by spending too many hours in front of TV screens showing complex crimes solved in a one hour time frame, to include 15 minutes worth of commercials. fake oakleys

cheap oakleys “Theodore, it would have been in your best interest to search out another partner going into this match because Luke Savage Luke Savage has already proved how incapable he is of matching wits with House of Sweetness. You’re going to find out I’m your biggest KNIGHT mare when it comes to us getting face to face. Understand one thing about me, Theodore cheap oakleys, I was bred to destroy what gets put in front of me. cheap oakleys

fake oakley sunglasses In the days following the incident, Fiorina and her staff made no effort to reverse public perceptions. In a statement to CNN, Fiorina campaign shrugged off the comments as morning small talk. Even more remarkably, when asked about the gaffe by Greta Van Susteren, Fiorina would refuse to apologize. fake oakley sunglasses

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