He examined them on free nike stickers the spot

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4. Alexis Bittar’s mod lucite look ($375. Neiman Marcus Fort Worth). (C) Representative IL 6 mRNA hybridisation pattern of the corneal keratocytes in a paraffin section from patient 3 (hybridisation score: ++). (D) Representative IL 6 mRNA hybridisation pattern of the corneal keratocytes in a paraffin section from patient 5 (hybridisation score: +). (E) Representative corneal section from patient 2, stained with haematoxylin and eosin showing the relative position of the stroma cells yielding positive mRNA hybridisations either for TNF (x(TNF)), or for IL 6 (x(IL 6)). A positive reaction is indicated by a dark blue violet colour as a result of the corresponding reaction using the digoxigenin detection kit from Boehringer Mannheim. TNF = TNF YSL Replica, e = corneal epithelium, s = corneal stroma (original magnification (A D) 1000, (E) 200). The obtained mRNA hybridisation results may further indicate that not only TNF (detected in 70% of the analysed patients) but also IL 6 (detected in 100% of the analysed patients) often seem to be implicated in the observed corneal ulcerations and/or perforations.

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