Days earlier, the Folly newsletter “The Sandspur” printed a

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Wednesday marked the first day of a 60 day booze ban on Folly Beach and an end to the island’s run as the only local beach that allowed drinking on the sand.Karla Mueller and Jana Crawford, sisters visiting from Ohio, learned about the emergency ordinance Wednesday afternoon from their bartender at the The Tides tiki bar.”We thought this would be a great vacation destination, because it’s the only place where you can drink on the beach,” Mueller said. The pair chose Folly instead of Charleston for that very reason.Now, taking a drink out on the sand could cost as much as $1,092 in fines.The emergency ordinance came after residents packed City Hall Tuesday cheap ray bans, demanding that their elected officials help keep their island cleaner and safer.For years, Folly Beach has battled against weekend warriors urinating and vomiting in yards, leaving trash behind and disturbing residents’ routines.The problem culminated on the Fourth of July with a gathering that law enforcement officers later described as a “riot.” The event left in its wake more than 100 bags of garbage, a handful of injured public safety officers and a stack of arrest reports.Days earlier, the Folly newsletter “The Sandspur” printed a message warning residents about people who doctor drinks with date rape drugs, sell crack cocaine and hallucinogenic “bath salts” and systematically break into homes.Residents rallied for an alcohol ban to keep out people who come to their hometown for the sole purpose of getting wasted.Public Safety Chief Dennis Brown said city officials ordered 61 signs announcing the alcohol ban at beach access points and illuminated signs on the causeway leading onto Folly.He plans to station public safety officers at key entry points to remind people with coolers about the new law.”We’re not going to search coolers,” Brown said. “We can’t do that legally.”But if an officer spots someone with alcohol on the beach, he can impose a fine ranging from $250 to $1,092.

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