“Clancy helped form Diversified’s values

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replica oakleys President Barack Obama says he “cautiously optimistic” about his successor, President elect Donald Trump. Obama says there something about the solemn responsibilities of the office that forces one to focus and demands seriousness. (Nov. In the past two years, Diversified has expanded its investment in the primary care and medical specialty industry with the acquisition of Pri Med and Amazing Charts, a leading electronic health record company.”Paul’s impact has been truly transformational,” said Daniel Hildreth, Diversified’s board chairman. “This is partly because of his insightfulness, financial expertise https://www.oakleygosunglasses.com/, and long history with Diversified, but even more importantly because he has championed the culture and values that make Diversified an exceptional company.”Clancy helped form Diversified’s values, the 7 Cs, and has exemplified the company’s commitment to “contributing to the communities in which we live and work.” As Treasurer of Junior Achievement of Maine and former Board Chair from 2006 2008 he facilitated volunteer opportunities for Diversified employees throughout the years. Recently he spearheaded a major office renovation, based on the premise, “People not walls” replica oakleys.

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